Wealth Creation
Rich Dad Education was developed to help you advance your financial goals through the greatest wealth creation tools of all time - real estate and stock market investing. Our courses offer you and those who have been inspired to become smarter about money and investing, a clear path to the next level.

Most of our students begin their journey at a free Rich Dad Education workshop. We offer free workshops each week throughout the US, Canada, and UK.

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Based on the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki, entrepreneur, investor, educator and author of revolutionary bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, Rich Dad Education offers best-in-class training, products and services designed to help students take control of their financial futures and escape the rat race.

Rich Dad Education has been educating students throughout the United States since 2006. In 2007, we expanded our offering to include students throughout Canada and the United Kingdom. In this time, we have provided elite training to over 20,000 students worldwide.

Through a comprehensive selection of elite training programs in real estate and financial instrument investing, Rich Dad Education's course offerings can be tailored to the needs of each student. Our team of trainers and mentors possess practical, hands-on experience in their areas of expertise. We adhere to a rigorous instructional design methodology with proprietary, content-rich elite training courses to create rewarding student experiences across the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Products and Services

Rich Dad Education course content is presented through a combination of live sessions, field training, and mentoring. Program coordinators are always available to assist students in designing a customized, personal training plan, tailored to individual needs, preferences, resources and learning styles.

  • Elite Real Estate Training Programs
    Supplying students around the world with comprehensive elite real estate training, Rich Dad Education transports students beyond the basics - deepening financial knowledge, sharpening skills, and increasing the arsenal of wealth-building tools.

    Through an outstanding course curriculum that covers every possible facet of real estate investing, Rich Dad Education training programs go beyond mere content to give students hands-on, in-the-field experience with a focus on applying their knowledge to the real world as quickly and profitably as possible.

  • Elite Financial Instruments Training Programs
    For students who want to take their net worth to the next level, build a profitable portfolio, and learn about market trading, they'll gain a powerful investment advantage through Rich Dad Education's Elite Financial Instruments Training Programs. These intensified training courses are led by trainers who show students how they can maximize investments in any market condition by using various trading strategies.

Students who come to us seeking to strengthen their financial position through the creation of income-generating opportunities are provided with a practical progression of courses and additional resources that allow them to acquire true financial intelligence that they can apply to all aspects of their lives.

We help our students develop and grow cash flow so that they can depend on their own individual initiative as opposed to relying on the efforts of others. This steady source of income - and personal satisfaction - can be sustained through good times and bad.


Program Structure

The typical student begins with a free preview workshop that familiarizes him or her with the subject matter of our training programs. Students then may purchase a three-day basic training program. Upon completion of the basic training, the student has a sufficient knowledge base to choose the appropriate series of elite training courses from a wide-variety of course offerings. The student then participates in a structured continuity program that takes from one to three years to complete.

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